Dr James has left the building

Dr Michael James passed away peacefully the evening of September 11th 2016. He was surrounded by 7 of his children, 11 grand children and one great grandchild.

As we have talked to all of Dr James’ customers since he passed away, the first thing they say is ” Dr James’ products saved my life! Will I still be able to get them?” We always answer with a resounding Yes! of course. Dr James’ legacy of fresh and high quality herbs will still be available to you. The clinics will continue to be staffed with the staff that have received the necessary education, been hand picked and personally certified by Dr James. We are all committed to giving you the same great service and products that you received from Dr. James.


Our Mission

  1. Independence through knowledge of herbal therapy.
  2. Commitment to providing fresh and effective clinical strength formulas.
  3. Helping you dispel myths about herbs and alternative therapy.
  4. To be a continuing resource and training for doctors, alternative health care practitioners and laypersons about herbs and alternative health care modalities. On and/or off the Internet.


Contact Information

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Toll Free Telephone:  888-388-4413

FAX : 505-833-5862

Postal address: HC 77 Box 35, Laguna, New Mexico 87026

Electronic mail:  uzherbs@drugfreehelp.com