After addressing your health problems it is now time to look at your weight. Don’t be to hard on yourself if your body is not the way you think it should be. Your metabolism has two settings, feast (burn fat) or famine (store fat). If you have been unhealthy for a period of time your body is in the famine setting and is in the act of protecting you from famine because illness is the result of a malnourished tissue condition or an organic or inorganic toxin. In order to begin to lose weight of any amount for longer than a few months you must convince your body that you have all the nutrients that you could possibly use, then and only then will your body change to the feast setting  and begin to burn fat, not store it. I will tell you how to do this, it will be 180º different than you have ever been told before (but what do you have to lose but lbs.) Your body will test to see if you are truly out of the famine mode if it cannot build muscle it will not change into feast mode. This is so important for you to understand. Your body will gain muscle before it ever starts burning fat. If your body cannot build as much muscle as it would like it views this as a temporary boon to its nutrient supply and not the real thing and will not change your metabolism making it leary about other feast periods and will test them longer next time. Most people trying to lose weight panic when they see that they have gained weight, inches have been lost but weight has been gained, stay off the scales! use a tape measure. Your body will change to the feast mode only after it has built as much muscle as it feels necessary to gain a healthy equilibrium, It has viewed you as unhealthy. If you are truly healthy it can gain muscle mass because of the  plethora of available nutrients, only after this has happened will your body change its metabolism to feast, then it will begin burning fat in the new muscle (where fat is burned).

1. In order to loose weight You must eat something, every 1.5 to 2 hours. (blood sugar must not spike up or down) 3 regular  meals using  a smaller plate then usual. We have in our heads and we will never get rid of it, all the starving kids in other countries and we must clean our plates, always leave a bite on your plate in rebellion of this, its good for the “I’m in control feeling.”

2. You must eat nutrient dense foods  and 1 box of sprouts a day.

3. Eat food not food products.

4. 8 to 48 oz of Tea Honey per day.

5. Use 1 to 6 Extra B Gone 30 minutes before eating. up to 3 times a day.

6. Vitamins 1 in the AM and  Minerals 2 in the PM.