One day I made terrible mistake, I broke my own rule. I asked a friend that I saw using an asthmatic inhaler.” How long have you used provintal”. His reply was “oh for a long time, I wish I could get off it.” I immediately realized that I had made a terrible mistake. Trying to recover from this blunder. I tried not answering his questions wether or not I could help him. I pointed out an individual that I was currently working with. That also had asthma and was having good success. In an attempt to bolster his faith that perhaps there was a better and different way of helping his problem that he had dealt with for the past 10 years. I told him to go talk to her. When he came back from talking with her he asked if I could help him also. I felt this request for help was merely because I had solicited a conversation about his problem. Shame on me, will I ever learn. His request for help was not a sincere plea for help but was from curiosity because of what I had said when I opened my mouth and asked “how long had he used provental”. Well it continued to stay on a curiosity basis and not from the standpoint of being tired of the medical answers and their failure to help him with his problem. He called and scheduled an appointment the next day wanting to see if perhaps I could help him also. When I talked with him the first time it was quite evident that his belief system was in the medical profession and their answers and approaches to health. He was still working from curiosity. I sent him home with many herbs and vitamins and their explanation on how to take them. Telling him to call me with problems or questions so that we could work through these things. When I had no call within three days I knew that there were problems.

Because with his problem three days is about the average for a call with concerns or questions or to let me know of their wonderful results. No call so I felt quite sure that I had started something that would not end in success. Merely because I motivated him abnormally, this motivation was from curiosity not from a genuine desire to know. After 27 days I saw him. Excited and concerned he wanted to share with me what had happen. “I ended up in the hospital shortly after I begin taking what you asked. Apparently I am allergic to the medication that you gave me. The doctors said that it was anaphylactic shock. The doctors said that I was allergic to the herbal medication that you had given me”. I respond “why, when you had problems did you not call me?”. “You could not help, the doctors said that I had anaphylactic shock because of the herbs”. Oh! “the herbs” the doctor said had caused anaphylactic shock. I asked a second time “when you first began having problems, why did you not call me?”. His answer was the doctor said “that its was a juniper berry in the herbs that caused the problem. You could not have helped me so I went to the doctor” Such a revealing statement ‘so I went to the doctor’. He had determine before he ever went to the doctor that I was unable to help him. The doctor merely told him want he wanted to hear. Doctors and chemicals are the only way to go. I quit talking when I could see that he would not here me. I have a few questions for you to consider. If you are allergic to cats could you skin and eat them without problems? If you have an egg allergy can you eat the chicken? If a milk allergy is a problem is eating the cow a problem also? So using the same logic: when you are allergic to pollen from a plant can you eat the plant? Many years of experience with herbs have shown that because you are allergic to the pollen of a plant there is no reason to believe that you will be allergic to the plant. Fear was part of his problem and he bought in to the diagnosis of an individual that had no idea or logic. Using fear is the way that they insure they’re following. One of the symptoms of anaphylactic shock is shortness of breath. My goodness, having asthma couldn’t possibly have the same symptom. I pushed a person to do something beyond their faith or if you will… his belief system. He should be treated by the Medical Profession not the Herbalist or Nutritionist. The doctor had no idea what had caused his problems so he was reaching for an answer… blaming the herbs… this is evidence to me of the lack of knowledge on the doctors part about herbs, this is the definition of ignorance. The mistake that I made was not keeping silent. I have tried to make it a part of my life. It has eliminated stresses in my life that I cause.