These are some common ailments and some of my formulas that will help remedy these aliments. If you are looking for a particular aliment use your find button on your browser. If you have questions or there is not an aliment here please E-mail me at


Abscess Col Cer, Fection, Herbal MSM
Abdominal Distention Col Cer, Zime, Kolonic Kaps
Abdominal Pain Zime, Col Cer
Acid Zime, Col Cer, No Nauz
Acne Happy O and Blood Wash, with Fection
or Tonic F and Blood Wash with Fection
Adenoids Hay Asz, Throb Eaz
Adrenal Low Sugar, Nemia,
Tissue Mend
After Birth Pain Throb Eaz, Her
, Tonic F
Alcoholism Low Sugar, Liv
Clean, Vitamins, Minerals
Allergic Rhinitis Hay Asz, Fection,
Throb Eaz
Allergies Hay Asz, Fection
Anaphylaxis Hypersensitivity Nemia, Hay
, Fection
Anemia Nemia, Tissue Mend
Angina Pain Hrt
Antidiuresis Bladney, Fection
Anti-Inflammatory Fection
Anxiety Nerquilizer, Throb
Eaz, Vitamins
Appendicitis Col Cer
Arteriosclerosis Vari Cose, Hrt,
Blood Wash, Herbal MSM
Arthritis Arth Rite, Bladney,
Tissue Mend,  Herbal MSM
Ascites Zime
Asthma Monia, Hay
Asz, Flem Up
Astigmatism Tissue Mend, I Brite
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Throb Eaz, Nerquilizer



Back Pain Col Cer, Bladney
Bad Breath Zime, Tissue
, Col Cer, Liv
Clean, No Nauz,
Kolonic Kaps
Bed-Wetting Nerquilizer, Bladney,
Throb Eaz, Fection
Bell’s Palsy Potassium, Minerals, Vitamins, Nerquilizer
Bites Blood Wash, Gland Oil/Salve
Bladder Problems Bladney, Fection
Bleeding Travl, Nemia,
Blood Wash, C Plex
Bleeding of Gums C Plex, Tissue
, Vitamins
Blood Poisoning Blood Wash, Hrt,
Vari Cose, Fection, Herbal MSM
Blood Pressure Bladney, Nerquilizer
Blood Purifier Blood Wash, Fection,
Hrt, Vari
, Herbal MSM
Blurred Vision and Poor Eyesight Hay Asz, Tissue
Mend, I Brite
Boil Blood Wash
Bone Fracture Tissue Mend, Nemia
Bradycardia or Pulslessness Hrt
Brain Trauma Nemia, Nerquilizer,
Low Sugar
Breast Tenderness Dong Quai, Mamri Lin
Breast Tumor Tonic F
Breathing Difficulties Monia, Hay
, Flem Up
Broken Nose Tissue Mend
Bronchitis Monia, Hay
Asz, Flem Up, Fection
Broncho-Pneumonia Monia, Hay
, Flem Up
Bruise Nemia, Blood
, Tissue Mend,
Herbal MSM, C Plex
Bursitis Arth Rite, Tissue Mend



Calcium Metabolism Silica DE, Minerals
Canker Col Cer, Zime,
Car Sickness Travl
Carbuncle Blood Wash
Cardiac Arrest Hrt
Cardiac Arrhythmias Hrt, Nerquilizer
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Gland Oil, Tissue
, Arth Rite
Cataracts I Brite, Liv
, Herbal MSM
Cerebral Palsy Potassium, Minerals, Vitamins, Nerquilizer
Chest Pain or Chest
Monia, Hay
Asz, Flem Up
Chicken Pox Throb Eaz, Fection
Child Birth Her Mone, Tonic
F, Nemia
Circulation Travl, Vari
Cose, Hrt, Blood
, Herbal MSM
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Fection, Vitamins, Minerals, B&C 4 Stress
Cirrhosis Liv Clean
Cleansing Liv Clean, Blood
, Klean Lax,
Herbal MSM, Kolonic Kaps, Hediondilla,
Extra B-Gone
Cold Hands or Feet Vari Cose
Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex) Col Cer
Colitis or Enteritis Col Cer, Liv
Clean, Zime, Herbal MSM,
Kolonic Kaps
Colon Col Cer, Klean
, Liv Clean, Zime,
Herbal MSM, Kolonic Kaps
Common Cold Fection, Hay Asz
Concussion Low Sugar, Nemia
Conjunctivitis Marshmallow Root Salve, I Brite
Constipation Klean Lax
Convulsions Nerquilizer, Fection,
Throb Eaz
Cough Monia, Hay
, Flem Up
Cramps Zime, Tissue
, Travl
Croup Monia, Fection,
Hay Asz, Flem Up
Cystitis Bladney, Fection



Dandruff Blood Wash, Vari Cose
Depression Low Sugar, Nerquilizer,
Throb Eaz, Vitamins
Dermatitis Happy O and Blood
Wash, or Tonic F and Blood Wash with
Diabetes Insipidus Bladney, Fection
Diabetes Mellitus Hy Sugar
Diarrhea Kolonic Kaps
Digestive Disorders Col Cer, Zime,
Liv Clean, Tissue
Herbal MSM, Kolonic Kaps
Dislocated Joint Tissue Mend, Arth
Rite, Minerals
Diuretic Bladney, Tissue
, Tonic F
Dizziness or Vertigo Hay Asz, Nerquilizer
Drowsiness Low Sugar
Drug Addiction Low Sugar, Nerquilizer,
Liv Clean,
Blood Wash
Drug Detoxification Low Sugar, Liv
Clean, Vitamins, Minerals
Dry Mouth Zime
Duodenal Ulcer Col Cer
Dwarfism Detoxalation, Tissue Mend
Dysentery Col Cer, Kolonic Kaps
Dysmenorrhea Tonic F



Ear Infection Hay Asz, Fection
Eczema, Itching, or Pruritis Blood Wash, Fection
Edema Bladney
Emphysema Monia, Hay
Asz, Flem Up
Encephalitis Nemia, Nerquilizer,
Low Sugar
Endometriosis Tonic F
Endurance Happy O, Low
Sugar, Zime, Tissue Mend
Epilepsy Vitamins, Minerals, Nemia,
Nerquilizer, Low Sugar
Excessive Sweating Blood Wash, Travl
Eye Irritation Marshmallow Root Salve, I Brite



Facial Nerve Spasms Potassium, Nerquilizer,
Throb Eaz, Fection
Facial Neuralgia Throb Eaz, Nerquilizer, Potassium
Facial Paralysis Potassium,
Nerquilizer, Throb
, Fection
Facial Tics Nerquilizer, Throb
Eaz, B&C 4 Stress
False Labor Her Mone, Nemia
Fecal Incontinence Zime
Fever Fection, Throb Eaz
Female Problems Tonic F, Her
Mone, Nemia, Dong Quai
Fibromyalgia Arth Rite, Bladney
Fingernails Tissue Mend, Herbal MSM
Flatulence Zime
Flu (influenza) Fection, Monia,
Hay Asz,
Col Cer, Zime, Throb Eaz
Food Poisoning Blood Wash, Zime,
Col Cer, Herbal MSM
Fractures Tissue Mend
Frequent Urination Bladney, Fection
Frigidity Happy O, Dong Quai,
Her Mone
Frostbite Blood Wash, Fection
Frozen Shoulder Arth Rite



Gall Bladder Inflammation Liv Clean
Gall Stones Liv Clean
Gas Zime, Tissue
, Kolonic Kaps,
No Nauz
Gastritis or Gastric Spasm Col Cer
Glaucoma I Brite, Liv Clean
Goiter Nemia
Gout Arth Rite, Bladney,
Tissue Mend, Herbal MSM, Kolonic Kaps
Gums Fection, Col
, Herbal MSM, C Plex
Gum Disease Fection, Minerals



Hair Loss, Baldness or
Tissue Mend
Hay Fever Hay Asz, Throb
Eaz, I Brite, Herbal MSM
Headache Throb Eaz, Nerquilizer, Kolonic Kaps
Heart Attack (Coronary
Hrt, Blood
, Travl
Heartburn Zime, Tissue Mend
Heat Stroke Travl, Blood Wash
Hemorrhoids Col Cer
Hepatitis Liv Clean
Hernia Tissue Mend
Herpes Col Cer, Fection,
Hiccoughs (Hiccups) Flem Up
Hives Happy O and
Blood Wash, or Tonic F and
Blood Wash with Fection
Hoarseness Monia, Hay
Asz, Flem Up
Hormone Dong Quai, Tonic F,
Happy O, Her Mone
Hot Flashes Dong Quai, Travl, Her Mone
Hyperactivity Disorder Throb Eaz, Nerquilizer
Hypergonadism Happy O, Tonic F
Hyperhydrosis Nemia
Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Blood Wash, Bladney,
Hyperthyroidism Nemia
Hypoglycemia Low Sugar
Hypogonadism Happy O, Tonic F
Hypotension (Low Blood
Nemia, Low Sugar
Hypothyroidism Nemia
Hysterical Disorder Nerquilizer



Impaired Hearing Hay Asz, Fection
Impotency, Frigidity, Sexual Desire Lacking Happy O, Tonic
, Dong Quai, Her Mone,
B&C 4 Stress
Indigestion Col Cer, Zime
Infection Fection
Infertility Tonic F and Her Mone
Inflammation of Uterine Lining Tonic F
Influenza (Flu) Fection, Throb Eaz
Insomnia Throb Eaz, Nerquilizer
Intercostal Neuralgia Flem Up, Monia,
Tissue Mend
Irregular Menstruation Tonic F
Irritability Low Sugar, Nerquilizer,
Throb Eaz, Vitamins
Irritible Bowel Syndrome Col Cer, Zime



Jaundice Liv Clean
Jet Lag (Circadian Rhythm
Nemia, Low Sugar
Joint Inflammation Arth
Rite, Silica DE, Tissue Mend
Joint Swelling Arth
, Silica DE, Tissue Mend



Kidney Pyelitis Bladney, Fection
Kidney Stones Bladney, Fection



Labor Her Mone, Tonic
, Throb Eaz
Lactation Stimulation Blood Wash, Tonic F
Laryngitis Hay Asz, Fection,
Tissue Mend
Laterality Dysfunction Minerals, Potassium, Vitamins, Nerquilizer,
Throb Eaz
Laxative Klean Lax, Liv
Clean, Col Cer, Kolonic Kaps
Liver dysfunction Liv Clean
Low White Blood Cells Nemia
Lungs Monia, Flem
, Herbal MSM
Lymphatic Disorders Fection, Tissue Mend



Malaria Fection, Throb Eaz
Mammary Gland Swelling Mamri Lin and Tonic F
Mania Nemia, Nerquilizer,
Throb Eaz, Vitamins
Maternity Mask Liv Clean, Herbal MSM
Memory Problems Blood Wash, Travl,
Tissue Mend
Meningitis Minerals, Potassium, Vitamins, Nerquilizer,
Throb Eaz
Menopause Dong Quai, Tonic F,
Her Mone
Menstruation Tonic F, Her
Mone, Nemia
Migraine Headaches Nerquilizer, Throb
, Potassium
Motion Sickness Travl
Mouth Ulcer Col Cer, Zime
Mucus Monia, Flem
Up, Hay Asz
Multiple Sclerosis Minerals, Potassium, Vitamins, Nerquilizer,
Throb Eaz
Mumps Blood Wash
Muscle Cramp Minerals, Silica DE
Muscle Spasms Minerals, Silica DE
Muscle Sprain Tissue Mend, Nemia, Vitamins
Muscle Tension Throb Eaz, Nerquilizer, Minerals,
Gland Oil/Salve
Muscular Atrophy Tissue Mend, Arth Rite
Muscular Dystrophy Nerquilizer, Herbal MSM,
Tissue Mend,
Arth Rite
Mutism, Stuttering or Difficulty Speaking Nerquilizer, Low Sugar
Myocarditis Hrt



Nausea or Vomiting Zime, Col Cer
Neck Strain Tissue Mend, Throb Eaz
Nephritis Bladney, Fection
Nervous Nerquilizer, Throb
, Herbal MSM
Nervous Drinking Nerquilizer, Low
, B&C 4 Stress
Neurasthemia or Nervous
Nerquilizer, Throb
Eaz, Vitamins
Nightmares or Disturbing Dreams Nerquilizer, Throb
, Vitamins
Night Sweats Dong Quai, Travl, Blood Wash
Nose Bleeding Travl, Blood
, Nemia



Obesity Extra B-Gone, Nemia,
Tissue Mend, Kolonic Kaps
Obsessive-Compulsiveness Nemia, Low
, Nerquilizer, Throb
, Vitamins
Osteoarthritis & Osteoporosis Arth Rite, Minerals,
Tissue Mend, Silica DE, Bladney
Ovarian Cancer Tonic F



Pain Throb Eaz, Arth
Rite, Zime, Bladney, Nerquilizer, Herbal MSM
Pancreatitis Low Sugar
Paralysis Nerquilizer, Tissue
Mend, Vitamins
Parkinsonian Tremors Nerquilizer, Vitamins, Minerals, B&C 4 Stress,
Throb Eaz
Pelvic Pain Tonic F, Minerals
Peridontitis Fection, Minerals
Peripheral Neuralgia Nerquilizer, Potassium, Minerals
Perspiration Travl, Zime
Pituitary Low Sugar
Pleurisy Monia, Hay
, Flem Up
Pneumonia Monia, Hay
, Flem Up, Herbal MSM
Poison Oak or Ivy Blood Wash
Polio and Post-Polio Nerquilizer, Vitamins, Minerals,
Pregnancy Syndrome Her Mone, Tonic
, Nemia
Poor Concentration Blood Wash, Travl,
Tissue Mend
Postpartum Pain Throb Eaz, Tonic F
Premature Ejaculation Happy O
Premature Ventricular Contraction Hrt
Pre-menstrual Syndrome
Tonic F, Her Mone
Prostate Happy O, Bladney,
Throb Eaz,
Herbal MSM
Prostatitis Bladney, Happy O
Psychosomatic Disorders Happy O or Her Mone and



Repressed Emotional Experiences Nerquilizer, Throb
, Vitamins
Rheumatoid Arthritis Arth Rite, Minerals,
Tissue Mend, Silica DE, Bladney
Rhinitis (Runny Nose) Hay Asz, Fection,
Throb Eaz




Sciatica Arth Rite, Minerals,
Tissue Mend, Silica DE, Bladney
Scrotal Rash Blood Wash, Fection
Senility Happy O, Nerquilizer,
Blood Wash
Shock Travl, Blood Wash
Sinus Hay Asz, Throb Eaz
Skin Blood Wash, Fection,
Liv Clean, Herbal MSM, B&C 4 Stress
Sprains Tissue Mend, Arth Rite




Teeth Col Cer, Fection,
Tissue Mend, C Plex
Teething Zime, Tissue Mend
Throat Hay Asz, Monia, Herbal MSM, C Plex
Thrush Col Cer, Zime
Thyroid Nemia,
Low Sugar
Tonsillitis Hay Asz, Fection, C Plex
Toxemia Bladney, Blood
, B&C 4 Stress




Ulcers Col Cer, Zime
Urination Problems Bladney, Fection
Urticaria Happy O and Blood
, or Tonic F and Blood Wash with
Uterine Dong Quai, Tonic F,
Her Mone
Uterine Prolapse Tonic F



Vaginal Tonic F, Her
, Fection
Vaginismus Tonic F, Her Mone
Varicose Veins (Varicosities) Vari Cose, Blood
, Hrt
Vascular Circulation Problem Vari Cose
Vomiting (Emesis) Zime, Col
, Tissue Mend, No Nauz



Warts Fection,
Nerquilizer, Herbal MSM
Water Imbalance Bladney, Fection
Weather Changes Blood Wash
Weight Control Extra B-Gone, Nerquilizer
Whiplash Tissue Mend, Throb Eaz
Whooping Cough Monia, Hay
, Flem Up
Wrist Pain Gland Oil, Tissue
, Arth Rite



Yeast Infection (Candida)

Fection, Col Cer