I was once called to a man’s house who had been in bed for weeks coughing and wheezing. The physicians had classified it “walking pneumonia.” I scratched my head about that, because the only ones that had been doing any walking were the physicians, not this man.

We made the following formula and gave him a cup of the resulting tea to sip, sweetened with honey; the rest we turned into cough syrup. Equal parts by weight: Wild Cherry Bark, Elcampane Root, Comfrey Root, Horehound. To make cough syrup, place 4 oz. of this herbal mixture into 2 quarts cold water. Place a tight lid on the pot (do not use aluminum). Bring to a boil, then turn down to a low simmer for 20 minutes. Strain. Add water if needed to make 1 quart of tea. Add 1 cup honey (raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized). Stir very well. Add ½ cup apple cider, or raspberry vinegar (raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized). If you use the vinegar, this formula will store for months in your cupboard, but I prefer and would suggest that you keep it in the refrigerator. Even the young will not object to this formula, and it’s beneficial to all ages.

After this man had finished the cup of tea he was feeling much better. I explained to him that merely getting him out of bed and feeling better was not all we intended to do. Once we turned this mixture into cough syrup, he was to take 1 tablespoon every hour until the congestion began rolling out of his lungs. Once this began, he was to slowly decrease the dosage.

I had also put him on an herbal formula called FLEM UP. Because of his poor condition, he was taking a fairly large dose of this; the dosage was to decrease as he began to gain his strength.

Because he had had pneumonia, he would now have a greater susceptibility of getting it and other lung problems again. After he had recovered, he was to continue to take MONIA for 3 months, to help build, tone and strengthen his lungs. We have used this herbal formula since 1980, with practically every lung problem imaginable; we have seen fantastic results in all cases.

Traditional use of the contents. Pleurisy Root and Comfrey Root have been used for pleurisy, lung troubles, bronchitis, asthma and cough. Horehound has been helpful for congestion, hoarseness and coughs. Cayenne has been used to speed up the circulation and action of the other herbs.