A drug free society… hilarious. I was standing by all the chemical drugs, in a grocery store with people all around. I was saying to Veronica, it looks like we are really approaching a drug free society. A lady standing nearby looked around at all the drugs and chuckled. I think she realized how ridiculous that statement really is. Just watch TV. You will see an inspiring drug free America commercial, immediately following there will be a commercial about drugs for pain, stomach cures, or chemicals. It does not really matter.

We live in a society that teaches if you have a pain or a problem just take this magical medication. Oh yes, I guess medication is not a drug ( pretty ridiculous notion). We tell our children not to do drugs, they are less than acceptable if they do. In the next breath we say, “would you please bring me an aspirin, I have a killer headache.” No wonder our children are so mixed up. It’s seems OK to take medication but not drugs. Perhaps if they would choose to self medicate themselves, like many of their parents, then they could use an excuse such as “I had a headache”, then it would be more accepted to our double standard society.

When I work with people I try to explain to them the philosophy behind herbal therapy which is much different than the take a magical pill philosophy ; we’ll take care of you, I know everything, If you do not do what I ask of you, you could have very serious problems. I know the more people know about their conditions the better. With information people are able to make good decisions about their own health. I know that people are responsible enough to do that. Herbal therapy puts the responsibility upon the individual for making decisions about their health. I agree that herbal therapy is not for everyone. I would prefer to help an individual that had an open mind, than one that had no faith in what he or I was doing.

I have on several occasions been accused of not helping people, with herbs. But it was the water that they had to drink, to get the herbs and vitamins down their throat, that helped them get better. I’ve always responded with, I don’t really care whether its the herbs or vitamins or water that changes bad to good, just as long as you get better. I have found that trying to second guess the body is not wise. Herbs, vitamins, and minerals are merely the building blocks that our bodies use to obtain good health. Second guessing the body and its directions is very foolish. Working with the body in supplying it with the building blocks that it needs is much wiser. For example Kidneys that are not functioning correctly are best served by having nutrients that feed and nourish the entire kidney and bladder region, such as herbs. This is much wiser than using antibiotics, they destroy the bacteria that has decided to take up residence in the weakened system. Antibiotics merely destroy the new residents and do nothing to strengthen the systems. So in herbology, determining what type of bacteria, or fancy name to place with his kidney problem is not the priority. Its much simpler to merely supply the body with its building blocks. It’s nice occasionally to find out what long worded disease we have taken care of, but it is not really necessary.