Arth Rite – Arrow Rt. Is high in calcium & other ready-to-assimilate minerals. Kelp strengthens the membrane around the joints & is high in trace minerals. Corn Silk reduces the uric acid. Yucca Rt. Reduces joint inflammation. Chapperal has a cleansing effect upon the whole body, builds the cell wall, & breaks down tumors & growths. Poke Rt. Builds & strengthens the synovial membranes, & the ligaments.

Bladney –Cleavers is used for inflammations for the kidney & bladder water retention & high blood pressure. Gravel Rt. has been used for kidney stones. Juniper is helpful in weakness in kidneys & bladder (bed wetting). Uvi Ursi is used for chronic bladder & kidney problems, also in high blood pressure. Corn Silk reduces the uric acid. Marshmallow Rt. soothes the membranes of the urinary track. Parsley Lf. helps maintain a proper potassium level.

Blood Wash— Ginkgo Leaf helps in the circulation by opening the small capillaries Burdock Rt. purifies the blood & lymph glands Chickweed is used for blood poisoning & skin diseases, also high in cholesterol & triglycerides. Plantain is for blood poisoning & helps in the filtration of the kidneys. Dandelion Rt. cleans the liver, gallbladder lymphatic & the skin. Yellow Dock Rt. is an over-all cleansing agent, helps in building hemoglobin, & is high in natural iron. Red Clover helps clean the bowels as well as the blood. Cayenne is used as a catalyst for the herbs with which it is combined.

Col Cer– Golden Seal Rt. & Oregon Grape Rt. are helpful with ulcers & colitis & promote good intestinal flora. Myrrh is an excellent tonic for sores, ulcers, colitis & spastic colon. Cranesbill Rt.. soothes & tones the digestive tract. Marshmallow Rt. also soothes the membranes of the digestive tract.

Fection–Golden Seal Rt. & Oregon Grape Rt. are pro-biotic. They influence the glandular system, lymphatic & skin. Also stimulate saliva & bile secretions. Echinacea Rt. & Echinacea are fungicide & pro-biotic, cleanses the lymphatic & purifies the blood. Burdock Rt. Cleanses the lymphatic & helps build strong tissue. Sage Helps fight off infection by strengthening the immune system, cleanses the blood & helps the kidneys & bladder deal with extra toxins. Ginger Rt. helps speed up the healing process.

Flem Up–Black Cohosh Rt. is used in asthma, coughs, lung congestion & is a superior anti-spasmodic. Slippery Elm Bk. helps move the mucous out of the lungs. Lobelia relaxes the lungs & allows normal function. Lemon Grass is high in vitamin A & is easy to assimilate.

Happy O— Damiana & Yohimbe help hormones, impotence, prostate gland: sex stimulant. Dandelion Rt. is a tonic to the glandular system. Siberian Ginseng is helpful in balancing hormones, vitality & longevity. Marshmallow Rt. is soothing to the nerves & organs.

Hay Asz— Nettle Leaf, Hyssop Leaf, sinus, sore throat and congestion Comfrey Leaf, is soothing to the sinuses & helps in allergies. Juniper Berry, helps in allergies. Marshmallow Root, soothes the mucous membranes in the sinus and the lungs. Elder Flowers, Elecampane Root, Fenugreek Seed, are helpful in sinus congestion, sore throat, headache & watery eyes. Oregano & Paprika are high in vitamin C (natural decongestant).

Her Mone–False Unicorn is used in infertility, female problems, miscarriage & cramps. Squaw Vine is used for childbirth, helpful in menstruation & nerve disorders. Black Cohosh is helpful with female hormones, menopause, hot flashes & menstrual disorders. Decreases bleeding after childbirth. Golden Seal tones the female organs. Wild Yam used for female hormones, menstruation, nerve disorders, encourages ovulation.

Hrt— Hawthorne cleans the arteries & veins. Also, helps blood pressure, heart, nerve & muscle. Rosemary reduces the effect of stress on the nervous system & muscles. Capsicum helps heart rhythm & circulation. Kelp contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B12, C & E. Lobelia relaxes the muscles & nervous systems.

Hy Sugar — Devils Club is high in sugars that do not need insulin secretions. Blueberry Lf. Is also high in these same sugars. Yarrow helps maintain blood sugar levels. Golden seal Rt. pulls high blood sugar levels down to normal. Dandelion Rt. helps the liver & pancreas. Cayenne is used as a catalyst to help the herb that it is combined with.

I Brite — Eyebrite is for eye problems, allergies, & glaucoma. Fenugreek reduces the mucous in the eyes & the body. Bayberry Bk. soothes the mucous membranes, congestion of the eyes & the sinus. Dandelion Rt. is helpful in liver cleansing, glaucoma & other eye problems. Golden Seal Rt. is a tonic for the liver & the eyes.

Klean Lax — Mayapple Rt. influences the gall bladder & the liver & is a laxative. Senna Lf. is helpful in biliousness, bilious headache & is a laxative. Cloves, when combined in correct proportion with laxative herbs, reduces or prevents gripping. Cascara Bk. is a laxative helpful with decreasing build-up on sides of colon.

Liv Clean — Mayapple Rt. is used to influence the bile duct, liver & kidneys. Gentain Rt. is a tonic to the liver & gall bladder, promotes bile flow & helps in liver colic. Dandelion Rt. provides cleansing of the liver, pancreas, gall bladder & spleen. Cayenne stimulates the digestive secretions & cleansing processes of the body. Gentain helps liquefy bile. Golden Seal Rt. is a liver tonic. Oregon Grape Rt.stimulates saliva & bile secretions.

Low Sugar — Licorice Rt. is a stimulant to the adrenal & helps in maintaining blood sugars in hypoglycemia. Kelp has beneficial effects upon the thyroid & parathyroid & contains vitamins C, E & B complex. Also contains magnesium & potassium. Siberian Ginseng helps keep blood sugar normal. Thyme & Chamomile are stimulants to the thymus. Garlic is a stimulant to the pituitary.

Monia — Pleurisy Rt. & Comfrey Rt. are highly regarded for pleurisy, lung troubles, bronchitis, asthma & cough. Horehound is helpful for congestion, hoarseness & coughs. Cayenne speeds up the circulation & action of the other herbs.

Nemia – Beet Rt. is high in iron. Yellow Dock Rt. is high in iron, vitamin C, calcium & phosphorus. Kelp is high in vitamin E, iron, iodine & many other minerals. Paprika contains vitamin C & A. Vitamin C helps iron to be absorbed. Iron, iodine & vitamin E are beneficial to the circulation, blood & thyroid.

Nerquilizer — Skullcap helps nervous tension; allows sleep to come naturally. Valerian Rt. quiets & soothes the nervous system. Hops are used for nervous disorders & insomnia. Gentain Rt. tones, builds & nourishes the nervous system. Rosemary Lf. helps increase circulation to the nerovascular system.

Throb Eaz — Peppermint Lf. has been used for pain, nerve disorders, headache & insomnia. Rosemary Lf. is used in circulatory problems, allergies, nervous allergies, pain & digestive pain. Wood Betony is used for headaches, pain & nerve disorders.

Tissue Mend — Comfrey Lf., Chickweed, Kelp, Fennel & Alfalfa Lf. contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, E, G, K. Also the minerals calcium, copper, iodine, iron, lithium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, silicon, sulfur & many other trace minerals; helpful in tissue maintenance.

Tonic F — Cranesbill Rt. has been used in profuse menstruation & water weight gain. Tansy is for retention of menstruation & also cramping. Raspberry Lf. is used as a tonic in most female problems. Pennyroyal is for nausea & cramping. RUE is used in profuse & light menstruation. Uvi Ursi is for water retention.

Travl — Ginger’s influence is slow starting but has a high sustained level of action upon the circulatory system. Also used in nausea, cramps & dizziness. Cayenne’s influence upon the circulatory system is vary fast & is helpful in dizziness, heart problems & heat & cold tolerance. Peppermint Lf. has been used for pain, nerve disorders, headache & insomnia. Rosemary Lf. is used in circulatory problems, allergies, nervous allergies, pain & digestive pain.

Vari Cose — Bayberry Bk. is used in lumbago, varicose veins and as a tonic. Ginger Rt. is a cleanser of the circulatory system. Sassafras Bk. is for varicose veins, rheumatism & skin problems. Hawthorn strengthens the veins & the muscles; responsible for circulation. Oregon Grape Rt. is a tonic for the circulation system. Cayenne stimulates the circulation system.

Zime — Century is a digestive tonic that helps normalize bile secretions. Spearmint soothes the lining of the stomach & intestines; allays nausea. Peppermint stimulates enzymatic & digestive secretions. Fennel is good for gas & colic; normalizes appetite. Anise prevents gas & fermentation in the colon. Catnip helps in over activation of bile secretions. Ginger is helpful in bile secretions.

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