Hy Sugar

HY SUGAR is a diabetic formula or a formula that helps people that cannot deal with sugar properly. It strengthens the pancreas and liver, and allows the body to use the insulin better.        Diabetes is a very misunderstood illness. Most of the things that are attributed to diabetes are not the result of the illness but the result of overuse and overmedication of the insulin. Decreasing the amount of insulin you are taking, while maintaining proper blood sugar levels, is a much better choice than taking a high dose of insulin. Because of the increased insulin use, the body becomes brittle, and circulation decreases.

You have a plethora of problems because of the insulin use. One of our concerns with a diabetic is the amounts of glucose and ketones in the bloodstream. Glucose requires insulin for proper utilization within the cells. Ketones are fats: fats do not require insulin to utilize it within the body.

If there is an abundance of glucose and insulin, the body will utilize the glucose (sugar) instead of the ketones. The body prefers to burn fat, the heart prefers to burn fat, and the big muscles of the body all prefer to burn fat instead of sugar. If the body must choose between insulin and sugar, it will burn the sugar first. This is a contributing factor of arterial problems, heart problems and circulatory problems, because the body is burning sugar instead of fat.

You must keep these levels balanced. High sugar and high fat results in ketosis, which is a life threatening illness. Many times, the machines used to check blood sugar will add the glucose and ketones together. This does not give an accurate reading of glucose in the blood stream.

If people are taking HY SUGAR and they do not have a noticeable change of sugar in their tests, it could be that they have one of those machines that add glucose and ketones together. The best way to isolate the ratio between ketones and glucose is with a Chem Strip (Whole Blood Chem Strip).

Regardless of whether or not you work with a physician who is aware of how to deal with diabetes and treat it with herbs, or whether you’re just taking HY SUGAR, as you decrease the amount of insulin you are taking, you significantly increase your quality and length of life. Also, whether you’re using herbal or chemical therapy, or whether you have a good diet or a bad diet, you should never quit taking insulin when your test indicates that your glucose is high.

If you were diagnosed diabetic with merely one blood test, there is about a 75% chance that you are not, particularly if you are only taking oral medications. Apparently it is the philosophy of traditional medicine that there is no distinction or difference between diabetes and hypoglycemia. Perhaps they feel that hypoglycemia, if left untreated, will become diabetes, so the distinction between these two problems is not necessary. I strongly disagree.

For example, if I felt that there was a weakness in your upper body and arms, and I determined that the proper therapy for you would be a wheel chair (after all, it is proven that that will increase your upper body strength), then using that whhelchair when you can walk would be like taking insulin when you are not a diabetic. Using the wheelchair long enough would cause the legs to lose their muscle tone and you would be unable to stand or walk very well. Taking insulin when you’re not diabetic makes the body lazy in its own production of insulin.

A blood test can reveal glucose levels. If the level is high, you certainly could be diabetic. But, you could also be hypoglycemic. The only way to separate these two illnesses is with a 4 hour (not just a 2 hour) glucose tolerance test.

Traditional use of the contents: Blueberry Leaf has been shown to be high in sugars that do not need insulin secretions. Yarrow has been used to help maintain blood sugar levels. Goldenseal Root has been used to normalize high blood sugar levels. Dandelion Root has been used to help the liver and pancreas function properly. Cayenne has been used as a catalyst to help the herbs that it is combined with. Oregon Grape Root has been used to positively influence the glandular system.