I Brite

It is really exciting to have an herbal formula like I BRITE. I have had people come to the clinic who are slowly losing their vision. Being able to help reverse that process is really exciting for me… and also for them! When these people start to lose their vision, it begins by becoming a little murky, and then it gets murkier, until soon they have lost their vision altogether. This formula contains the herb Eyebrite, along with several others. It was made to help clear the fluid in the eye, since the lens is made from nutrients in this fluid. The lens of the eye is made up of a series of layers. It’s like looking through cellophane versus waxed paper. If you look at a roll of cellophane, you can see right down to the cardboard roll, because the cellophane is clear. If you look at a roll of waxed paper, you can’t see through it at all. This is similar to what happens during the formation of a cataract. Instead of a nice, clear, crisp layer of the lens being created it’s like waxed paper…it’s kind of milky. After several milky layers have formed, a cataract develops, and you can’t see. As you take I BRITE, it cleans the fluid in the eye, so as new layers of the eye’s lens are being built, the lens becomes cleaner and clearer. Instead of creating a waxed paper-type film for the lens, it creates a clear cellophane-type film.

You must realize that I BRITE won’t clear up a cataract instantly. The outermost layers, the milky layers, have to sluff off. Before an improvement in sight clarity can be noticed, the clear and clean layers must outnumber the milky and murky layers. This can take a varying amount of time, depending on the patient and the degree of vision loss. It may take up to six months of continuously taking I BRITE to see any difference, although within a short period of time (perhaps as little as three months), an eye examination may reveal significant and substantial changes to the cataract. I BRITE is also very beneficial in treating glaucoma, by relieving the pressure in the optic nerve, when taken along with roasted Dandelion Root tea.

If there are eye problems, the diet must be addressed. Refined carbohydrates are to be avoided. A beneficial diet for eye problems consists of dark, leafy green and yellow vegetables, as well as grains and fruits.  The Orientals believe, and I agree, that all eye problems are liver problems. To assist the body in regaining it’s eyesight, the liver must be cleansed. To clean this most important organ, you must first understand the function of the liver.

The liver burns fat in order to fuel itself. Cod liver oil, cold pressed oil, or expeller processed oils are good oil forms for the liver. Safflower oil may not be as good, depending on how it is processed. If the safflower oil is heat rendered, it is not as good as if it is expeller processed oil. The expeller processed oil can be used by the liver much more readily than the heat processed.

If the liver has good fats and oils, then the liver will use those as fuel instead of carbohydrates, and not plug up our arteries.   It is important that we eat some fat, because the liver must have fat. If we can fuel the liver properly, then the eyes will improve.

By incorporating sensible changes in diet and adding the herbal formula I BRITE, tremendously positive changes will be noted with eye problems. I BRITE also helps with allergies, eye irritation and soreness, and overworked eyes.

Traditional use of the contents: Eyebright has been used for eye problems, including allergies and glaucoma. Fenugreek has been used to reduce the mucus in the eyes and the body. Bayberry Bark has been used to soothe the mucous membranes, and to soothe congestion of the eyes and the sinus. Dandelion Root has been helpful in liver cleansing, glaucoma and other eye problems. Goldenseal Root has been used as a tonic for the liver and the eyes. Oregon Grape Root has been used as a pro-biotic. It has a positive influence on the glandular and lymphatic systems, and the skin, also to stimulate saliva and bile secretions, thus reducing the eyes’ toxic load.