Aliments & Formulas is organized alphabetically. Each aliment is followed by the most common formula to the least common formula. If this section does not give enough information to make a decision, look up the formulas you are trying to decide upon in the second section, Formulas & Uses.

In Formulas & Uses, you will find the formulas in alphabetical order. Also, this section lists the ingredients, and the reasons they are used in the formulas. If you are still undecided, look up the formulas in the third section, Formulas & Aliments.

In Formulas & Aliments, each formula is listed alphabetically, followed by the most common use to the least common use.

Herbal Formulas
Arth Rite Bladney Blood Wash
Col Cer Detoxalation Extra-B-Gone
Gland Oil Fection Flem Up
Happy O Hay Asz Herbal MSM
Her Mone Hrt Hy Sugar
I Brite Klean Lax Kolonic Kaps
Liv Clean Low Sugar Monia
Nemia Nerquilizer Throb Eaz
Tissue Mend Tonic F Travl
Vari Cose Zime

Making your own herbs.

Please feel free to try to make and use any of my herbal formulas. If an ingredient is not available in your area use the formula without it. Try using different proportions of the herbs and see how it works for you. Freshness is one of the most important parts of a truly effective herbal formula. When we receive orders at the clinic we capsulate the formula and ship as soon as we can possibly get it out. Keeping our formula fresh is the reason we do not preencapsulate formulas beforehand. Old herbs do not work as well as fresh herbs.

Grinding, formulating, encapsulating, labeling, packaging, shipping, and all that goes with manufacturing a product was not what I had intended on when I started working as an herbalist. I thought that I could use formulas that were on the shelves of health food stores and be able to expect them to work as I desired. I was tremendously disappointed and disillusioned when this was not possible. I could take the same formula make it up fresh and it would work much better, so it was quite apparent that making good fresh herbal formulas was a requirement of helping people get better.

I do not want you to think that I believe that my formulas are the freshest and the best in the world. I could not compete with the peppermint growing in your back yard or the fresh elder berry that you pick from your own tree. So if it is a choice of your fresh herbs right from the ground or mine it would be absolutely ridiculous for me to think that my formula would be superior. I do want you to know that a fresh formula poorly made, is much better than a superior formula with old herbs. So take this encouragement, when trying to help someone with herbs your experience will perhaps be over looked when using very fresh herbs. A miracle worker shall you become when you use fresh herbs.