Liv Clean

Would you consider washing dishes, and not rinsing the dish rag…just setting it on your counter and letting it dry? The next time you have to do dishes, you use the same rag. You never clean it or wash it. Then the next time you do dishes, something spills on the floor. You wipe up the spill, but don’t rinse the rag. After a while, you would realize that the rag was rank, and you’d clean it.

That’s what the liver is like. It’s the big dish rag of the body. It cleans the body, it cleans the blood, it cleans all the toxins out of the system. A dirty liver allows those toxins to build up, which in turn doesn’t allow the body to work properly. We wouldn’t consider washing dishes with an old stinky dish rag, but we don’t have any problem at all overusing our liver.

One of the jobs of the liver is to produce bile, which is an emulsifier of fat. Today’s “fat free” diets are a misconception. The liver requires fat, to burn to produce energy. That’s what it uses for fuel: that’s its gasoline or its fuel oil, but it’s got to be good oil (cold pressed oil or expeller processed oil). If the liver has a good supply of good oil, then it functions properly. If it doesn’t have a good supply of oil, it turns proteins and carbohydrates into fat, so it can fuel itself. Unfortunately, by the time it gets enough fat to fuel itself, the arteries are all plugged up with stuff we don’t need.

We need to have a good quality oil in our diets. Now, I am not saying you should eat a lot of it, because oil renders 9 calories per gram; it’s a very highly concentrated food. The liver will clean and detoxify the body, but the body can’t be any cleaner than the liver itself.

It’s important to give the body what it needs to have a healthy liver. Regarding this formula, one of the things we discovered is that if you cleanse the body you also clear up the skin. Many Oriental medicine practitioners believe that eye problems are the result of a liver problem. After many years of observation, I have found that to be true. In our clinic, if we find any form of eye problem, we clean the liver; the eye problem is always significantly improved. Colon problems, constipation, diarrhea, digestive disorders – all of those dysfunctions are improved by cleaning the liver.

Traditional use of the contents: Mandrake Root has been used for its positive influence on the bile duct, liver and kidneys. Gentian Root has been used as a tonic for the liver and gallbladder, to liquefy and promote bile flow, and to help in liver colic. Dandelion Root has been used to provide cleansing of the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and spleen. Cayenne has been used to stimulate the digestive secretions and the related cleansing processes of the body. Goldenseal Root has been used as a liver tonic. Oregon Grape Root has been used to stimulate saliva and bile secretions.