Kolonic Kaps

An excellent source of fiber, as well as a detoxifier of the colon, Psyllium husk is very well known for its bulking of the colon. It is also a demulcent, expectorant, emollient, astringent and is used in the treatment of chronic constipation, colitis, diarrhea, dysentery, urethritis, cystitis, ulcers, gastritis, blood cholesterol LDL level, high triglycerides and irritable bowel syndrome. Likewise, Apple fiber is well known for its ability to absorb the toxins resulting from exposure to X-rays and remove them from the cells and tissues. It promotes normalized cholesterol and blood-sugar levels, and supports healthy blood pressure levels. Oat bran fiber helps with lipids, lipoprotein subclasses, lipoprotein particle diameters, and LDL. It also bulks the colon and promotes healthy bowel movements. Grapefruit fiber has no fat, is low in calories and sodium, and is packed with vitamin C; the pink variety contributes beta-carotene. It also aids in the burning of body fat, by pulling fat into the blood stream so it can be burned. Diatomaceous earth detoxifies the colon and kills intestinal parasites. As well as being an important mineral.