Her Mone

HER MONE is a female hormone. If there are female disorders or problems, the primary formula to use is TONIC F.   The formula of HER MONE was more specifically designed for feminine problems relating to infertility. In the clinic, we have assisted in producing some sixty babies from “infertile” couples. It is really a joy to be able to help people achieve pregnancy, to bring into their families the children they want to have.

As the father of eleven children, it was a real eye-opener to me to see that some couples didn’t get pregnant right away. When I was younger, I thought you got married and boom, you had babies…but that’s not the case, is it?

This is as good a place as any to educate people on the signs of fertility. While this can be a very blunt and to-the-point discussion, I think it is very important. Recently, a young couple called me about their desire to become pregnant. I asked what they were doing, and she said, “We’re having sex once a day. I’ve even thought about waking him up early, before he gets up for work, so we can have sex twice a day, because we want to have a baby.”

When I started giggling, she got a little defensive, so I told her, “This is a very common misconception (no pun intended).”

People think that since they want to have a baby, they’ll just have frequent intercourse, but usually that’s not the best way. What happens many times, is the male’s sperm becomes so depleted, that if and when the female ovulates, there’s just not enough to get the job done. Sometimes women say, “Well, I know that I’m ovulating, because I’ve been monitoring my temperature.”

The easiest way to solve this problem is to throw the darn thermometer away! If there’s not a sufficient amount of vaginal discharge or vaginal mucous to take the semen to the egg, it doesn’t matter if the female’s ovulating or not. 90% of the time, problems with conceiving are not related to the male.

In order to understand the signs of fertility, there are several things that must be discussed. I’m going to tell you how to conceive: if you want to control the size of your family, then you need to pay attention, because if you understand and know how to conceive, you will then know how not to conceive.

There are several steps you need to engage in. First, you need to buy white toilet paper. Now that sounds kind of silly, but you need white toilet paper. Every time you urinate or defecate, before and after you do this, you will wipe across the vulva (that’s the face of the vaginal region), and then look and see if there’s anything on the toilet paper. If there is, it could be yellow (or another color), or it could be shiny and clear. The next step is to feel it. If it’s sticky, or tacky, or rubbery, then it’s not a sign of fertility. If it is clear and slick (if you have the sensation of slickness when wiping across the vulva) and lubricative, then stick your finger in it. Put your two fingers together and stretch it; if it’ll stretch over an inch or two, and you can do that several times and it keeps stretching, then you have what is called peak mucous.

Peak mucous is the river that the sperm swim up to reach the egg. Many times, a woman can be ovulating, but will not have enough of this mucous, so there’s not that channel for the sperm to swim up. It doesn’t really matter what your temperature is, if there’s “peak mucous” (clear, slick, lubricative, and stretchy). So when you see peak mucous you quickly find your companion and say, “now is the time.” And don’t wait. We have found that some women are only fertile for an hour or two every month.

If charted, you can anticipate when you become fertile. Now, let’s just say that you become fertile on the 21st day after menstruation (day 1 is when menses starts), and that you can track it. That means that both you and your partner should abstain from any sexual activity (there can not be any expression of seminal fluids on the male’s part) for two weeks before the 21st. Since you’ve been tracking your signs of fertility, as soon as you see it (and, since your partner’s dam is pretty well full, with lots of minnows), you are giving yourself the best chance at achieving pregnancy.

If infertility is your challenge its going to take 6 months before you can even consider a pregnancy. For the first 3 months, take TONIC F (6 a day) and HER MONE (3 a day). In the 4th to 6th months take TONIC F (3 a day) and HER MONE (6 a day). After this 6 month period, pay attention to the signs of your fertility, and when you see them, call your companion home. HER MONE will help nudge up the amount of mucous and the quality of ovulation. HER MONE is a formula that we use for infertility, and it is also used in pre-menopausal symptoms such as scratchiness and breast tenderness.

Traditional use of the contents: False Unicorn has been used in overcoming infertility, and for relief of female problems, including miscarriage and cramps. Squaw Vine has been used in preparing for childbirth, and in helping with menstrual and nervous disorders. Black Cohosh has been used to help with female hormone problems, including menstrual disorders, menopause and hot flashes. It also decreases bleeding after childbirth. Goldenseal has been used to tone the female organs. Wild Yam has been used to help female hormone problems, and menstrual and nervous disorders, and also to encourage ovulation.