Vari Cose

This formula deals with the elasticity of the veins, more specifically the degradation of that elasticity, which is commonly found in varicose veins. When the vein loses its elasticity, the blood begins to pool, and the vein begins to stretch. VARI COSE helps to alleviate the pain and discomfort, and in many cases will significantly reduce the size and appearance of the varicose veins.

I was working in a health food store one day. Customers could come in and ask me questions. One lady picked up several packages of VARI COSE, and proceeded to the cash register. Thinking that she must be fairly satisfied with that formula, I made it a point to talk to her.

She said that she had been taking it for varicose veins. She then told me that she was a district manager of a major company, in charge of several stores. She had gotten much relief from the discomfort in her legs while on her feet for prolonged periods. When her clerks would complain of leg problems she would put them on VARI COSE.

I’m sure that her employees thought that she wanted them to feel better. She was tired of hearing them whine and complain about their legs hurting…and she wanted to get more work out of them! She was using the formula both for relief and as a preventative.

When we are on our feet a lot, and feel discomfort and pain in our legs, this formula is wonderful. It puts back into the system the nutrients that the veins need, to continue to be strong and prevent them from weakening, so the blood won’t pool.

Traditional use of the contents: Bayberry Bark has been used to help lumbago and varicose veins, and as a tonic for the venous system. Ginger Root has been used as a cleanser of the circulatory system. Sassafras Bark has been used to help varicose veins, rheumatism, and skin problems. Hawthorn has been used to strengthen the veins and the muscles, and is responsible for circulation improvement. Oregon Grape Root has been used as a tonic for the circulatory system. Cayenne has been used to stimulate the circulatory system.