Arth Rite

ARTH RITE is a formula made from a family of herbs that relieves joint and muscle inflammation, including Arrow Root, Kelp, Cornsilk, Yucca Root, Chaparral and Poke Root.   Let me explain some things about arthritis to you:    The reason there is arthritis pain is simply because the joint is unhealthy.   There is a membrane around each joint. That membrane holds fluid (synovial fluid) in the joint, so that when the bones move, they are lubricated, instead of grinding against each other. It is very similar to the oil in the engine of your car; if you have clean oil in your engine, it is going to run well and is not going to wear out as fast. When your oil becomes gritty and dirty, the engine parts are going to start wearing. It is the same with arthritis.

If our diets are not sufficient in the nutrients that we need for good joint health, then the synovial fluid becomes “gritty.” The membrane wears down and becomes thin, which then causes the joint surface to wear, which in turn causes pain, discomfort, and swelling. Also, since the synovial membrane is responsible for maintaining that fluid, if it becomes unhealthy it may leak. This can lead to joint swelling, caused by a lack of fluid in the joint. That is a simplified description of arthritis.

ARTH RITE works by feeding those systems and tissues. We are not giving out a magical painkiller. When we take a pain pill for arthritis it is merely masking and ignoring the problem. Instead, we want to clean the synovial fluid, and we want to strengthen the synovial membrane, so that the wearing effects and the resulting pain changes of its own accord. With ARTH RITE, the dosage I generally start with is twelve a day: three capsules taken four times a day; four capsules taken three times a day; or twelve capsules taken all at one time. The concentration does not matter as long as it is getting into the system.

Many people who have successfully controlled their arthritis pain have developed a “maintenance” dose. They find the amount that relieves the pain, then cut back the dosage until the pain once again begins to be felt. One or two capsules are added to that dosage to come up with the maintenance dose.   The maintenance dose can be different for everyone, so these are merely generalities, to provide a starting point.

Other formulas that can be beneficial in helping with arthritis would be THROB EAZ for the pain; it will help ease the pain until ARTH RITE starts to help. Another complementary formula would be TISSUE MEND. If the arthritis has been persistent for a long time, TISSUE MEND will tend to quicken the healing. Also, if there are any gouting tendencies or noduling, or any disfigurement of the joints, BLADNEY would be beneficial.  People will say that arthritis is an incurable disease. “Incurable” is only acceptable if one is not willing to change an inadequate diet. Calcium and magnesium are very important minerals, and a good multi-vitamin is essential. Diet is very important. Refined carbohydrates should be eliminated from your diet, and replaced with leafy, dark green and yellow vegetables, grains, proteins, beans, lentils, peas, lean meats, chicken, fish, and fowl…things like that.

ARTH RITE is a formula that I have used with confidence for many years. Will an individual need to take ARTH RITE for the rest of their life to deal with arthritis? If their diet is insufficient in the nutrients necessary to induce and maintain good joint health, and they won’t change their diet, then the answer is likely “yes.”

Fibromyalgia is basically painful muscles. Whether you have fibromyalgia or simply painful muscles is determined by whether both ankles, or both shoulders, are hurting. If so, then fibromyalgia is indicated. Regardless of whether pain is present in both ankles, or both shoulders, or both hips, ARTH RITE helps muscle and joint systems. BLADNEY is also beneficial for this condition.

The pain from fibromyalgia is caused because of the amount of toxins in the muscles. Calcium, magnesium and other nutrients cannot get into the muscles in sufficient quantities to detoxify the muscles and relieve the pain and discomfort.

You should not think that ARTH RITE is just for arthritis and fibromyalgia. It is also good for bruises and sprains, among many other things.

Traditional Uses of Contents: Arrow Root is high in calcium and other readily assimilated minerals. Kelp strengthens the membrane around the joints, and is high in trace minerals. Burdock nourishes joint and synovial fluid and decreases toxins in joints and muscles. Corn Silk reduces uric acid. Yucca Root reduces joint inflammation. Chaparral has a cleansing effect upon the whole body; it also builds the cell walls and breaks down tumors and growths. Poke Root builds and strengthens the synovial membranes and associated ligaments.