BLADNEY   gets it’s name from both bladder and kidney. When people experience swelling, puffiness, lower back pain or painful urination, they need fluid removed from their system. BLADNEY is not primarily a diuretic. It is a formula that supplies the urinary tract with what it needs to function properly. The function of the kidney and bladder is to decrease unnecessary water in the body. If these organs are not healthy they cannot do this. By their very nature, the kidneys are greatly resilient to bacteria and germs. For instance, urine inserted into the eye every day would quickly result in an infection. The kidney and bladder are constantly bathed in urine, yet they develop no infections. By the time there is bacteria to be found and cultured in the urine, there exists a genuine problem.

BLADNEY puts into the system what it needs in order to be healthy, so that the normal body function returns and the kidney and bladder do their jobs. In order for the body to deal with swollen tissues properly, it is necessary to continually drink water to keep the body from hording the fluid in it’s tissues. Water, coupled with the BLADNEY formula, helps to normalize the body’s sodium and potassium levels. BLADNEY helps keep the potassium in the system, unlike many chemical diuretics that chase it right out.

            Americans need to drink more water. We drink soda, we drink coffee, we drink tea…we drink anytclip_image002-2-31-103x150hing but water. In fact, if you offer people water, they may be insulted. Years ago, when you offered people a drink of water, they thought, “Wow, great, that’s wonderful!” If you offer water today, they may look at you as if questioning whether you can’t afford anything else. We might also mention that Americans, in general, eat foods that do not contain much liquid. The ideal place to get water is from the consumption of vegetables and fruits, because they use it to carry needed nutrients into the body’s systems. We do not eat enough vegetables and fruits. We do need to drink water, but we also need water laden with nutrients, and that can come from plant and vegetable material.

Traditional use of the contents Cleavers has been used for inflammations of the kidney and bladder, for decreasing water retention, and for reducing high blood pressure. Corn Silk has been used to reduce uric acid. Gravel Root has been used for kidney stones. Juniper has been helpful in treating weakness in the kidneys and bladder (bed wetting). Marshmallow Root soothes the membranes of the urinary tract. Parsley Leaf has been used to help maintain a proper potassium level. Uvi Ursi has been used for chronic bladder and kidney problems, and for reducing high blood pressure.