Col Cer

COL CER’s major use is for colitis, ulcers or digestive tract disorders. It’s beneficial to the digestive tract membranes, the stomach, mouth, throat, and the small and large intestines. Today’s American diet tends to contain too many refined carbohydrates; these change the pH of the digestive tract, which in turn causes an acidic reaction…this puts us in the beginning stages of digesting our own bodies.

Antacids are very commonly used today, but in reality an antacid causes more acid production, because the body is trying to achieve it’s normal pH. It’s usual defense is to react with an acid when exposed to an antacid. Changing the diet is an important part of treating digestive tract disorders.   COL CER soothes the endothelium, the digestive tract membranes, any cold sores, and it’s good for thrush in infants when used as a mouth rinse. It doesn’t taste very good, but it sure makes a big difference with those types of things.

When treating digestive disorders, rebuilding the digestive tract may take a while. You can’t expect to just take one magical little pill and have it change your life; it’s going to take some time.

Several years ago, I was in the hospital with bleeding ulcers. The doctors had no clue why I was bleeding internally, so they decided to pack my stomach with ice and irrigate it and then watch to see if I kept losing blood. When I continued to lose blood, they inserted a camera, and discovered that the ulcer was not in the stomach, but in the duodenum. The attending physician (who struck me as an unusually honest man) theorized that the therapy that they were using was causing the bleeding.

After that, they stopped packing my stomach with ice and they didn’t do a thing; they just let me lie there. Strangely enough, I recovered by myself. I often wonder why I was even in the hospital, since they ended up doing nothing and I recovered on my own. At that point, the doctors sat me down and started to quiz me to find out why this 18 year old had ulcers. Once we had completed our discussion, they prescribed some medication. After I had left the hospital, I continued to take the medication. One day, while I was filling the prescription, the pharmacist looked at me with concern and asked, “Are you the one that’s taking this drug?” My response was “Yeah, why?” I asked him what it was and he explained it to me. At that point, I realized that this drug was responsible for absolutely everything I did not like about myself.

I had gone to the hospital to recover from an illness. Why would I need to recover from being in the hospital? For the first time in my life, it occurred to me that I might be taking the wrong thing.

At that time, I was taking Valium. I didn’t have any energy, and I didn’t care about anything. I discontinued taking it, and changed my diet and my lifestyle, and guess what? I started to get better. As I got older, and the ulcers reoccurred because my lifestyle changed a little bit, this is the formula that I used; to date, I am no longer plagued with ulcers.

COL CER has enriched the lives of many people, helping them with diverticulosis, spastic colon, hemorrhoids, and many other disorders of the digestive tract. It truly is a wonderful formula.

Traditional use of the contents: Goldenseal Root and Oregon Grape Root have been helpful with ulcers and colitis, and they promote the growth of beneficial intestinal flora. Myrrh has been used as an excellent tonic for sores, ulcers and colitis, and for spastic colon. Cranesbill Root has been used to soothe and tone the digestive tract. Marshmallow Root has been used to soothe the membranes of the digestive tract.